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A year ahead of schedule ;-)





We could use a good party!



Ona & I tapped into our inner Terry at the 15th annual Montgomery Professional Rodeo and Bullmania at Daube Farms (Montgomery Township, NJ) this past weekend. My camera died before I had a chance to prove it (what I did get I threw into above Mosaic with a little help from Big Huge Lab's Mosaic Maker). Have to admit I had a pretty decent time minus the 100 degree weather (according to Terry, that's the only way to see a rodeo). Regardless, we'll both be looking forward to Ona's mutton busting debut next year...


Daddy, people like mud! - Fiona Marie Quinn (5/25/08)



Another year, another milestone. Congrats Fiona Quinn on your most recent accomplishment. Mom & Dad are both proud...and relieved (see 1 Baby, 1 Tub)!

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