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... this is the time to let you know that you don't have to be "on Youtube" to watch a Youtube movie. Instead, you can download the video stream to your computer, keep it there as a "normal" video file and watch it whenever you like. Nothing is illegal or fishy about it, it is simply another way of consuming the data. Just like you do when you save an html page to your computer and read it later.



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This is a list of uncontroversial, undisputed clarifications to common misconceptions.



If everyone spent a minute or two watching Dogpile's real-time list of unfiltered search terms, we might see even more red states in '08. Google fanboys and girls, see Google Hot Trends...



When it comes to Brazil, the world has a lot of things to be thankful for—""hair " styles, Pelé, and Gisele Bundchen just to name a few. Here's the latest. Link & blockquote via Brazilian Artists...
This is how we thought of the concept Meet the World.

We started to research relevant, global, and current facts and, thus, came up with the idea to put new meanings to the colours of the flags. We used real data taken from the websites of Amnesty International and the UNO.

The campaign has been running in Portugal since January 2005. There are eight flags that portray very current topics like the division of opinions about the war in Iraq in the United States, the violence against women in Africa, the social inequality in Brazil, the drug trafficking in Columbia, Aids and malaria in Angola, etc.

With regards to the email presenting the campaign as being done by a Norwegian diplomat, this information is completely wrong. There is no Norwegian diplomat called Charung Gollar, there was no presentation in the UNO, and the campaign is not called ‘The Power of the Stars’. This was all invented and is going round the world via email.



God, I love the internet. And thanks to mom for holding on to my Transformer battle cards for 20 years...
Filecards are a large part of the G.I.Joe: Real American Hero legacy. Included with virtually every G.I.Joe action figure released by Hasbro, these cards added a character and a history to each figure.



Anybody wanna get narced?
The following risky activities, decadent foods, and otherwise foolhardy indulgences are detrimental to your health. You will, however, not perish in vain.



George Brett's yarbles might be easy on the eye, but Tim McCarver's generalist's approach to baseball has made him an easy target behind the mic.
Here's how Tim McCarver might go about explaining the central premise of this feature: "See here, is writing about bad baseball announcers, a group that includes the baseball announcers who aren't good. What Maxim is doing, I think, is compiling a list—a series of names or other items written or printed together in a meaningful grouping or sequence so as to constitute a record—of the announcers who are lousy, poor, or inferior, if you will. So essentially, what they're trying to do is 'list' baseball's 'bad' announcers, in a list-like format."

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