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Andrew (Drew) Quinn
A decades worth of design and development experience spanning HTML, CSS, PHP, ColdFusion, Perl, and JavaScript...

Why isn't this a web design blog?

Marginally speaking, it is. Listen, making websites isn't all about dating models and creating mad, interactive designs. Sometimes things get slow and next thing you know, your on Digg looking at proofs of Chris Farley reincarnate.

Why do you call it the Roost?

When was officially launched as an independent publisher in '99, it featured the slogan "Sanctuary and piece of mind". So, when the idea came about to launch a blog, it seemed natural to return to these roots.

I found the image of the perching birds after sifting through a bunch of stock photography websites using the keyword "sanctuary". Nothing mystical here. I just simply liked it (not to mention, it reminded me that nana use to call me "a bird"—as in "your such a bird"—when I was growing up). Looking at the pic, two idioms came to mind: "rule the roost" and "come home to roost".

The Roost. It sounded catchy.

What about Bookcase Angel?

The origins of Bookcase Angel date back to a ditty I plucked out on my nana's three string in high school.

The title Bookcase Angel was a literal reference to a figurine on a bookshelf that happened to be in my line of sight while I was playing. Over the years, the phrase has inspired a poem, a doodle, a sole proprietorship, and (most recently) a dot-com. For more ditties, see Quinn & Levy: Greatest Hits...

What about The Juice?

That would be my epic brother-in-law.
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