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Supposed leaked phone conversation between a Panamanian sales rep and US customer.
This is not a fake call. It has been truncated, but I assure you, it is real. I have the full call saved (it is more than two years old). This customer got a very nice computer for his troubles. The call was played on an Austin radio station when it first was leaked. The rep in question was fired as well. This call was VERY famous at Dell back when it happened...



If the 50s were the golden age of television, the 70s were the golden age of Bigfoot. Before he was doing schtick with John Lithgow, Bigfoot was bigger and badder than John Ritter, Peter Frampton and Jesus combined (or so says The Poop).





Love this post 11-M Metro Madrid commercial directed by Gabe Ibañez.



Fiona dancing with Gloria in her patent "fancy shoes" & "fairy" PJs.



The above is only a cropped section of the original. You really have to see it full res (7,000 × 2,748 pixels) to appreciate Lawrence's genius and the apocalyptic destruction that was the California earthquake of April 18, 1906.
George Raymond Lawrence (February 24, 1868 – December 15, 1938) was a commercial photographer of northern Illinois. After years of experience building kites and balloons for aerial panoramic photography, Lawrence turned to aviation design in 1910.



One more from the folks at Scuffletown...



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