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A lot of THC, I mean TLC, went into this. Enjoy (I did)! Link via BLU. Blockquote via Geekologie...
This is an artistic stop motion video made entirely of wall paintings. It's pretty damn impressive. It made me kind of motion sick, but that was a small price to pay for the incredible awesomeness. A freaking ton of time, effort and ability went into this piece. Almost as much as my last artistic venture, which was a can of orange juice concentrate I glued popsicle sticks to and wrote on in puffy paint. I gave it to my mom for Mother's Day. I tried calling her to see if she liked it, but I think she's blocked my number.



This definitely plays into my soft spot for PIRM. Not really sure why this montage was tagged NSFW. Blockquote via digg...
You people realize there is free porn on the internet right?
- ProjectGSX



Best: Charlie Rose. Worst: Deborah Norville. Link via Gawker...
Ever wonder what some of your favorite television news reporters look like during sex? Gawker video guys Richard Blakeley and Nick McGlynn, along with their army of interns, have collected still frames of fifty reporters, anchors, and other TV folks giving their best "O faces." The expressions imply everything from long and luxurious moans to awkward and embarrassing early finishes. Find all 50 after the jump. The dirtier your mind, the more you'll enjoy them.





Ona & I tapped into our inner Terry at the 15th annual Montgomery Professional Rodeo and Bullmania at Daube Farms (Montgomery Township, NJ) this past weekend. My camera died before I had a chance to prove it (what I did get I threw into above Mosaic with a little help from Big Huge Lab's Mosaic Maker). Have to admit I had a pretty decent time minus the 100 degree weather (according to Terry, that's the only way to see a rodeo). Regardless, we'll both be looking forward to Ona's mutton busting debut next year...



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