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Summer of 1940. Footage of Pop(-pop) on leave. Blockquote via Uncle John (JOHN KUZMAK)...

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This DVD was made in 2007 from usable portions of a 1940 of 1941 16mm home movie. The scenes primarily at the front of the Virginia home of John and Mary Dubinsky Kopacz. A small segment was filmed at Virginia Beach. The people filmed are as follows:

MR. HARRY D. GARBER A funeral director in Plymouth, PA during the 1930'sand 40's. When he appears he can be identified by a mustache with waxed ends, although he was primarily behind the camera. At the time, he was one of very few people to own a home movie camera in the area.

MRS. GARBER One of two slimmer women. She appears is most shots wearing a hip-length jacket.

MR. MICHAEL KUZMAK, SR a tall, slim, clean-shaven man with a cigar in his hand and wearing a fedora. Brother of Theresa "Dora" Dubinsky and uncle of Stephen and Mary.

MRS. MICHAEL (ANNA) KUZMAK, SR The heaviest appearing of the three adult women and wearing a flat hat with a broad brim and flowered dress. Stephen and Mary's aunt.

MR JOHN KOPACZ The youngest appearing of the civilian men. Known by most as "Kope".

MRS JOHN (MARY) KOPACZ The second, slim woman. Stephen's sister.

STEPHEN DUBINSKY Appears wearing the uniform of an enlisted- rank member of the United States Army Air Corps. Estimated age 19-20 years old.

MICHAEL KUZMAK JR Appears wearing a uniform of a United States Navy enlisted man. Estimated age 19-20 years old. First cousin and very close buddy of Stephen Dubinsky.

SANDRA KOPACZ female child of John and Mary Kopacz (unknownfirst name) GARBER is young boy in the uniform of a Fork Union Military Academy Cadet.

JOHN KUZMAK Young boy (approx 7-8 years old) in white sailor cap. Youngest son of Michael and Anna Kuzmak.

Occasion: Harry Garber and Michael Kuzmak Sr were close friends. Stephen and Michael Jr entered the service in 1939. They had each completed basic/boot training not very long before and by coincidence found themselves assigned near Kope's home. The house became a meeting place for Stephen, his sister and their first cousin. Anna wanted to visit her sailor son and it pretty much meant going near Fork Union, Virginia. This meant the Garbers could have a visit with their cadet son. This became the summer vacation trip for both families. They drove down to Virginia in a limo normally used by Garber for funerals In addition to the regular, roomy seating the limo had two folding seats in the rear. It was a very classy and comfortable way for 4 adults and 2 children to travel and we all enjoyed the trip very much. For so many of the family to get together for an enjoyable few days soon became especially significant because in December of 1941 World War II began and there weren't many more opportunities to meet for the next 4 years.


Anyone keeping up with Chad VanGaalen -- and everyone should be -- has seen his drawings at some point or another, gracing the covers to his albums, lending an air of animated surreality to videos by Guster and Chad VanGaalen. And once again, Chad does himself a solid -- a murderous and weird, colorfully ominous solid -- with the treatment for the vengeful and eerie strums of "Molten Light." The twisted fairy tale also serves as the second listen to his forthcoming Sub Pop release Soft Airplane, so key in on that. And also how easily you'll sing along to "I'll find you and I'll kill you."



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A study of 30 university students aged between 20 and 24 years old found that drinking just one 250ml sugar-free can of the caffeinated energy drink increased the “stickiness” of the blood and raised the risk of blood clots forming.





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Fiona Thomson re-visits iconic 19th century forms and adds a modern twist by utilizing simple technologies to create and adapt products for use in the 21st century. Recently unveiled at the New Designers event in London, each of her works cleverly transforms ornamental objects into a functional and useful object.



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